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Unlucky in Life.

Do you ever feel like your just unlucky in life on some days? Like something ever so small happens to you and then more small things happen and it just gets worst and you think 'god why am I so unlucky?" I know I do.

Let me give you a give overview of the 'little' things that happened to me this past week that made me feel unlucky.

1) I was given 4 assignments in the space of a week to have completed on different days.

2) Thursday I woke up with a really bad throat. I sounded like a man.

3) I was forced to go out to spoons on Thursday night. I received a message saying, "oi, twat-face you betta be coming out tonight for a drink!" Imagine that but in a scouser's voice. I did go out and had a few pints.

4) While getting ready to go out, I applied makeup to hide the black bags under my eyes, only for my primer nozzle to snap. The only thing stopping it from leaking all over the place is a strip of sellotape.

5) I got blisters from my new vans so I had to go out in my Chelsea boots, which meant walking back from the city centre was a ball ache. It takes 30 mins to walk back to the halls and once I took off the boots I felt ever so short.

6) The fire alarm went off when I was sleeping, only wearing my top and knickers, I had to rush change.

7) The fridge in our flat has broken, and hasn't been replaced for 5 days now, my milk went off. I only drink red, I'm the only person in the flat that does and I refuse to buy any until the fridge is fixed.

8) Because everyone else drinks either green or blue milk I've not had a cuppa for at least 6 days now.

9) Neighbour in flat keeps arguing over the phone very loudly, keeping us all up.

10) Our laundry cards haven't come through yet and I've only got 2 pairs of undies left.

11) I had no bolognese sauce for my pasta so I used tomato soup. It was fucking vile.

12) Me and Megan, the other Yorkshire lass, who also has a bad cold like me, went into town on Saturday. We kept getting hot flushes. My hair was extremely frizzy.

13) Bought cold survival kit from Boots and walked straight into gay pride. I love pride, just not when my head is banging. We walked the long way round to the shopping lanes.

14) Come back to the flat to find neighbour still arguing on phone. LOUDLY.

15) Looked through a book on Cindy Sherman, she seemed like an average artist until I got to her dummies. What the fuck! How was I suppose to sleep after looking at that!

16) I finished Criminal: United Kingdom and Unbelievable on Netflix in one day and don't know what to do with my life.

Although small and not that unlucky. It felt like it at the time.

What I learnt. Don't catch a cold, don't go out when you have blisters. Don't bother with primer and don't look at Cindy Sherman's dummy work late at night. Its disturbing as hell. Instead read a nice romance book with a cup of tea. Thats what I would like to of done if the fucking fridge was fixed!

Anyway it has just been another unlucky week in the life as the Yorkshire Bookworm,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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