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The Worst Best Man

The Worst Best Man

By Mia Sosa

A enemies to lovers story with plenty of comedy and the steamiest of scenes.

Published: Avon 2020 (paperback & ebook)

Book review, no spoilers I swear!!

This was my first Mia Sosa book and when I saw The Worst Best Man I thought, "right so this is going to be one of those romcoms that are full of cliques yet you still enjoy because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and just for a few hours makes you forget what is happening in the real world."

There was a few mixed reviews and so I was torn whether to read it but I decided that I wanted to give this book a try, make an opinion for myself.

Well I was right about the escapism, and the romcom making me feel all warm, but one thing I didn't account for was the hot hot scenes. Jeez that took me by surprise, like I had to google some words that I didn't know (so not only does my history look like a horny teenage boy's) but I really enjoyed this book!

Before I delve deeper how about I give you the blurb, give you an idea of what its about?

The Blurb:

Mia Sosa delivers a sassy, steamy #ownvoices enemies-to-lovers novel, perfect for fans of Jasmine Guillory, Helen Hoang, and Sally Thorne.

A wedding planner left at the altar? Yeah, the irony isn’t lost on Carolina Santos, either. But despite that embarrassing blip from her past, Lina’s offered an opportunity that could change her life. There’s just one hitch… she has to collaborate with the best (make that worst) man from her own failed nuptials. 

Marketing expert Max Hartley is determined to make his mark with a coveted hotel client looking to expand its brand. Then he learns he’ll be working with his brother’s whip-smart, stunning—absolutely off-limits—ex-fiancée. And she loathes him. 

If they can nail their presentation without killing each other, they’ll both come out ahead. Except Max has been public enemy number one ever since he encouraged his brother to jilt the bride, and Lina’s ready to dish out a little payback of her own. 

Soon Lina and Max discover animosity may not be the only emotion creating sparks between them. Still, this star-crossed couple can never be more than temporary playmates because Lina isn’t interested in falling in love and Max refuses to play runner-up to his brother ever again...


First of all yes!!!! The diversity in this book was just everything. Like I've read a lot of romcoms but there isn't usually a heroine who is from a different ethnicity except If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane which is a great book and the main character is a black no nonsense lawyer which you should definitely check out.

Anyway moving on The Worst Best Man was exactly what I needed after reading some heavy, emotional books, this is light-hearted, fun, sexy and such a feel good.

Lina is our woman, a Brazilian-American who is such a strong and independent woman who rarely lets anyone in. Owner of her own wedding planner business, Lina is fine, absolutely fine and the past? Well her past can stay there.

I liked Lina's character and what she represented, however, I felt like her character was a bit too reserved. However, as I got further into the book, the truth behind why she is reversed and stubborn becomes clear. Her relationship with her family is great, a good dose of drama which reminded me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Like it was just pure chaos and I live for that stuff, I also have a chaotic family (my granddad is one of fourteen so there is A LOT of cousins.)

Enter Max. The tall, dark, handsome stranger and is everything Lina doesn't want, at least that's what she keeps telling herself. In reality, Max is EVERYTHING like oh my swoon-worthy alert!

I'm starting to sound like a teenager but I'm gonna roll with it. Max is just perfection, flawed? Yes. Sexy? Definitely.

However, Max has a problem. He is attracted to his would have been sister-in-law and well, that would be strange and complicated if he ever acted on the things he wanted to do to Lina. Not only that, but Max has been hurt in the past, and his older, more favourable brother is not the sweet little angel everyone thinks. Andrew is far from it. As Max battles with his emotions and attempts to keep Lina at arm's length it only adds to his longing. Which is extremely fun to read.

As Lina is forced to work with Max in order to have a chance at getting a new job they decided to put the past behind them, its been three years for Christ sake, surely they can move on? Except Lina takes this time to get back at Max for ruining her wedding day. The pranks that go off between them are not only funny and the kind of things anyone wishes they could do to there enemies, but they are also cute and charged with the attraction they clearly have for one another.

Warning, there is a lot of sex in this book. I had no idea how much there would be but honestly, if sex scenes aren't your thing, thats fine. However, I will say this, the way in which Sosa writes such scenes depicts what *safe* sex should be like and ultimately, what healthy sex should be like. Not only that but the honesty and unfiltered scenes are exactly how sex scenes should be addressed.

The chemistry in this book was on FIRE, at one point I didn't know what was making me hot and bothered, whether it was the heatwave, the chilli chicken I was eating or the actual book itself. The writing had me in fits of laughter and Sosa certainly doesn't shy away from honesty of her characters, saying and doing the things that most of us wouldn't admit to ourselves. I also, like I said before, the diversity and how Lina expresses the realities of being a Brazilian-American woman in the modern world. But more than that I absolutely loved the cultural elements in this book, I'm not familiar with Brazilian culture, and so a lot of the context in the book, grabbed my interest and made me want to know more, like the food? That is something I need to try, but also the celebration of Lina's culture in this book was what made this book special, to me anyway.

I must leave it here as I fear I may let out some spoilers. All I can say is that if you love a good enemies to lovers trope with steamy scenes, family dramas and the best of weddings then I encourage you to check this book out and give it a go.

Also, Dean, who is a side character in the book (Max's mate) seems to be getting a sequel to this book, I think so anyway and all I can say is Yes! I will be buying that book.

Rating: 3.5* out of 5.

Entertaining, fun and sexy. An easy read that was predictable at times, but then again, it is a romcom and I still enjoyed it.

After all tomorrow is another day spent reading,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

The Worst Best Man is available to buy from Amazon in a range of formats.

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