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The Wedding

Its a nice day for a black wedding.

Friday 25th November 2019 Alannah and Graeme got married at The Earl of Doncaster in South Yorkshire. The wedding was amazing, funny and an absolute brilliant night, it was probably the most fun I've had for ages.

But in order for you to of been at the wedding you would had to of gone back home and we would of known that for you would of posted such a thing on your blog, I hear you say.

Guess what?

I went home on the Thursday in order to surprise my dad who had been missing me terribly, I mean I am a great daughter, who wouldn't of missed me? Moving on, the surprise had been 7 weeks in the making and only a few people knew about it, Amanda (Step-monst- I mean mum.) and Archie. In these 7 weeks my dad had been telling me how he wished I could of made it to the family wedding and that he will come up to see me in the first week of November, unaware of the fact that I would be coming home. So Thursday came and I was about to leave the flat when my dad phoned, I thought shit Amanda's told him, she just couldn't keep it in any longer. He phoned to tell me that he was having to have an operation and that he wouldn't be able to come up to see me as it would mean bed rest. I was like, "Awe bless don't worry we'll see each other at Christmas," he sounded as if he was about to cry, meanwhile I was getting excited that I was about to give him the best surprise ever.

After 4 and half hours of travelling, I got back to the little village I hadn't seen for weeks and Amanda picked me up from the train station where we came up with the plan for me to hide in the boot of the car and scare Katie, my sister who didn't know I was coming home either. We got outside the house, me in the boot where I heard Amanda say, "Katie can you help me with the boot." She grunted like a typical teen and opened the boot, I jumped out and she screamed, "Arghhh what it that!!!" and then when she realised she was like "what are you doing here, I've just sent you a letter."

Although Katie's reaction was great, nothing bested my dad's, I was sat in the dinning room on the sofa that is behind the door, Katie and Archie called my dad to come and look at the electric meter thing and he came through I said nothing, he looked over at me and yelled, "whoa what the f**k." I got up and gave the man a hug, Katie recorded the reaction which you can see over on my twitter page @Yor_Bookworm.

So after dad's surprise on the Thursday it was soon Friday and the day of the wedding. Alannah is Amanda's sister if I hadn't already mentioned, and the wedding was going to be Halloween themed, black and red flowers were displayed on the tables going perfect with the 1920's ballroom interior. The bridesmaids dressed in a deep red dresses and the best man and ushers in black and deep red suits, everything was in place but where was the bride? Alannah walked through in the most beautiful black dress I had ever seen, black lace trailed from her arms all the way drown the bodice and skirt, the skin colour mesh underneath exposed the black wonderfully. They said there I dos and the celebration begun.

The reason why its took me so long to post this is because A) I got drunk and its took a while for me to remember what happened at which point and B) There was a lot that happened.

I kicked off having a few free drinks of wine and then cider, a few vodka and cokes, scratch that, a lot of vodka and cokes and then more cider but in between all that me and Dad had a lot of fireball shots. They were free so why not, there came with our party bags and so me and Dad took advantage of the abandoned bags on the side and took loads of the little shots back to our table. I did pay for some of my own drinks and for others but because I'd been away for a while people just kept buying me drinks, how could I refuse such kindness?

My little friend for the night was Katie, we danced, laughed and took some amazing photos at the photo-booth which looking back at the photo's now it's clear to see that I was gone. Me and Amanda also danced to Tina Turner, Arctic Monkeys, Marinara which I cannot do! The DJ was amazing, playing great song after great song, after Turner me and Amanda where like, "I'm fucking knackered," we began to walk back to our seats when Cotton Eye Joe came on and Katie and Dad ran towards us linking arms and we began to spin each other around. Graeme's family and friends probably thought, "what the fuck has he married into." The funniest thing I saw that night was when Penny Arcade came on and my Dad came straight up on the dance floor, (he has bad knees by the way) and he began to run dance and clap at the same time, just running on the spot and then doing star jumps. It was one of those things that you had to see in person but I just had tears coming down my eyes.

More and more dancing and drunk singing and lots and lots of videos sent to my friends on snapchat that now I look back and think what was I doing? Apparently I sent one while I was on a toilet, the other one I was singing, the others I don't know, the people didn't reply oops, that's not me.

The morning after I got the low down on what had happened bits coming back to me, I had a good night that's all that mattered. I wasn't hungover at all, no headache just hunger, but Dad was hanging, bless the old man can't handle it like he used to. Amanda did tell me that she was impressed with my singing. By singing she means how I knew every song that came on, Back in Black, Valerie, Chelsea Dagger, Shake Your Tail Feather, etc....

I don't know why she was so impressed, I guess I just come across as the sort of person that doesn't listen to those kind of songs.

The wedding, the reunions and everything was amazing, I got to catch up with my friends I hadn't seen since I left, all of them doing well, my family fed me up, went round to my Nan's and she told me to help myself to leftover Chinese and when I went home, Clare had cooked me a pork dinner with mash, cauliflower cheese, stuffing etc...

I had such a good time seeing friends and work friends as well, looks like I'm working at the florist at Christmas although I was determined not to I could do with the money.

The best weekend ever was such a mixture of laughter, drinking and chilling out, I haven't however told you everything about that weekend as there is just too much to tell. I might tell you another day but for now,

It was just another weekend in the life of the Yorkshire Bookworm,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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