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The Swamp with a new fridge.

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Its officially been a week since my toilet flooded our flat and since then not only have we renamed it the Swamp with a new fridge, (cause we do have a new fridge) but we have been living two floors up in a communal flat that shares showers and toilets with another flat. I don't have anything wrong with sharing at all, its just that the communal are rather scary. Every time I go in for a piss I terrified that when I open the door I'm going to find a bloke waiting outside to use it. Therefore, I have mastered the art of pissing and washing hands in less that a minute and speed walking back into the flat without bumping into anyone. It was working so well until last night when I forgot for the first time to take my keys and phone with me to the toilet to only come back and the flat door to be locked. It was late at night and so I started knocking, luckily Emily came back and apologised for locking me out. I was just grateful that she came, or I'd of had to walk down the stairs, out of the block and ring the flat from outside.

As for showering I have been using the sink in my room and that has been a task in itself. I don't know if any of yous have ever tried to wash your hair in a sink that produces boiling hot water, cause I have and its fucking hard, I was dunking my head into water, trying not to burn my scalp, luckily I have short hair, if I had long I'd imagine it would be much worse. I was very tempted to go back into my room downstairs to use my shower, but with my floor being wet still and dehumidifiers on in the room I thought against it. There was 3 dehumidifiers that were in the flat that when you walked in your face got a blast of hot air, it was like being in an oven. That was until Friday when it was confirmed that my room was completely dry YAY! However, now the flat stinks of damp so we're having to wait until it gets shampooed now. You can actually smell the damp from outside the flat so that should give you an insight of how strong it is. Besides the damp, with my room dried it meant that I could have a shower and it was so nice, the thought that no one was waiting for the shower filled me with such joy.

Although Emily now talks to us, things have been tense with 43.

On Wednesday night she was at it again and was arguing and shouting on the phone very loudly indeed. I'm at the other side of the flat and I could hear it over my earphones and I was trying to do some work. Beth went downstairs for a shower and when she returned she had her hairdryer and started to play her music really loudly, being next door to 43 she hoped she would get the hint, she didn't, it was funny though to see Beth annoyed. I sent a snapchat to Ellen saying that if she doesn't "Shut the fuck up I'm gonna go all Yorkshire on her ass." All I heard was Ellen laughing 5 minutes later. It was getting really annoying and my inner Yorkshire lass was getting ready to bang on her door and tell her to shut up. Instead, we decided to write a note, I did one in anger telling her to "shut the fuck up we're trying to sleep, thanks flat 140 x" Ellen and Kylie, mainly Ellen, stopped me and told me that I needed to be more polite, so I wrote her a lovely, no bad language letter telling her very nicely that her shouting is off putting and disrespectful to the rest of us who are trying to do things. I stuck it to her door and immediately retreated back to my room as did the rest of the flat. All doors were closed, which is unusual as Kylie always has her door open as well as Ellen.

We waited and waited, hours passed and she still hadn't took the note, the tension was rising. I posted note one and two on twitter explaining the issue and received a comment from Erin Green (@ErinGreenAuthor) who said that she loved my honestly in both notes and that she knew which one she would give her. Well that just made my night, if only I wasn't so polite.

It got to 11pm and every time someone knocked on my door I would freeze as if the bay-lifters were here to take my things, I would wait until I said, "who is it?" and once they announced there name I would give them a bollocking for not announcing it sooner as it could of been 43 with a fist, ready to fight. It happened just before I was about to go to bed and this time it was Beth, showing me her sewing, we were talking when we heard a door go, we turned our heads round the wall and saw 43 leave the flat, we hid behind the wall and I whispered, "Runnnn" like Gandalf in the Mines of Moria. She galloped back to her room at light speed and we waited and waited.

Since that night it was confirmed that 43 received the note and got the hint. We haven't heard her shouting on the phone since, we've heard her talking but that's ok because she isn't keeping us up all night with it. She hasn't come to talk to us either about the note so I think she's just doing the very British thing, which is to ignore that it ever happened. I'm not gonna lie but I feel so guilty about it all but what else could we of done? We've put up with it for more that 3 weeks.

You may of may not noticed but I have a new category called Skint Young Artist, which will feature the on goings of my work as an art student as well as tips and other things. It will include stories of the work I am doing and will appear in The Latest category but will be separate from my A Day in the Life.

Also, most of my flatmates have now discovered my blog as well as a few people from my class so now I have that fear of 'have I insulted someone or not?' I don't think I have. Anyway from now on I'm going to have to be careful at what I say and probably give numbers to everyone I mention just like 43.

After all its just another day in the life as the Yorkshire Bookworm.

Till Next Time,

Phoebe x

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