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The Skint Old Northern Woman

Every Woman for Herself

By Trisha Ashley

No spoilers I swear!

"I want to be angry with you, but whenever I look at you, I just can't!"

Firstly I got this book from A Blind Date With A Book website which has been popping up on my Facebook for ages and I was curious to see what this site offered. If you aren't familiar with the website its a great and friendly site which doesn't tell you what book your getting. All you choose is the genre and it gives you a selection of books that have keywords on them that describe the book. This one said, newly single, crazy family, Yorkshire moors, I chose and 5 days later I received this book by Trisha Ashley. I have never read a Trisha Ashley book and so I didn't know if I was going to enjoy her writing or not. Anyway I gave it a shot and I can confidently say that I now have a small collection of her books now.

The book was first published in 2002 but the copy I have is from 2014 and has been tweaked in a few sections but Ashley says that she hasn't rewritten any of it, just touched it up. The story follows Charlie Rhymer who wakes up one day to find that her husband wants a divorce. On the edge of thirty and without a husband, a house and money, Charlie moves back to her family home in the Yorkshire moors. Being from Yorkshire, this was one of the things that drew me to the book as many novels I have read before are set in London or Cornwall and I understand the language more with it being set in Yorkshire.

Now back at home, Charlie is surrounded by her crazy family, her father and his very young mistress and her two daughters. Charlie is also in the company of her two sisters and brother so its fair to say that the house is full. Although loud and crazy, Charlie finds it refreshing and begins to paint again man free. That is until Mace North, a ill-tempered actor shows up in the village who stirs things up for Charlie in more ways than one.

I absolutely loved this book! Not only did I find it hilarious, but the characters are so real, I can literally pair these characters up with the people in my life. This is a great book to get you back into reading, only being 302 pages long its perfect for a quick read. Also it has a character called Phoebe so its quite a win-win really.

Lastly, what I love about Ashley is that this book isn't about a twenty-something who is looking for the one. Charlie thought she found him, and when he left she had to piece herself back together and her journey is so real and enjoyable. I also love how Charlie's character doesn't shy away from the fact that shes a skint old Northern woman which you will only understand the real story behind that if you read the book.

Although I read this back in June 2019, I can still remember the plot and the characters, mainly because there so hard to forget.

This is a book full of heart and I am so glad this gem was my first Trisha Ashley book. Its full of humour, drama, love and friendship so is quite a perfect book in all. I most definitely recommend this book to fans of Carole Matthews, Jill Mansell and Cathy Bramley.

My Rating out of 5: 4*

After all tomorrow is another day spent reading,

Till Next Time,

Phoebe x

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