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The Giver of Stars

The Giver of Stars

By Jojo Moyes

A beautiful tale of sisterhood and the power of books in a time where reading was unusual.

Book Review! No spoilers I promise!

I know, its about time I did another book review and to be honest with you its been a while since I read a book. Uni deadlines and coming down with migraines has made it difficult to even read a sentence. However enough of the excuses your not here for that, your here to to read about my thoughts on Jojo Moyes' latest novel The Giver of Stars.

If I could sum this book it three words I wouldn't be able to do it enough justice, mainly because this book is just incredible, a breath of fresh air.

The story begins in England, late 1930s where a young Alice Wright wishes to escape her parents and boring life for adventure and love, marrying wealthy American Bennett Van Cleve, leaving her closeted life back in England. At least that's what Alice thought until she finds herself in the stuffy, disapproving Baileyville, Kentucky, where her husband favours his work over Alice and is dominated by Bennett's overbearing father is not the escape nor adventure Alice had hoped for. That is until she meet Margery O'Hare, daughter to a notorious felon that most of the town resent and wish to forget. However, Margery is on a mission, to spread the wonder of books, reading to the poor and lost and she is in need of help to do it. Margery alongside Alice and their fellow sisters trek through the open skies, through the wild mountain forests, unknowing to them that they are on an adventure of a life time. But when the town turns against the women and the library, will there belief in one another and the power of books be enough to save them all?

Breathtaking is how I would best describe this book, it has the power to pull you into another world, another time in which women were seen as powerless and books were limited. What I like about this book is that Moyes shows the strength and power of women with there own minds and the influence a book can have. The characters are brilliant and beautiful. What I like the most is that when we first meet Alice she is this head strong woman but knows when to hold her tongue, its not until disaster strikes that we see Alice grow and become less 'ladylike' and more of her own person, speaking her mind and when Alice does speak her mind you can't help but cheer her on and fist pump the air. Margery is also strong and hates being vulnerable, what I love about Margery is that she doesn't take shit from anyone, least of all men. Margery's powerful words speaks volumes and makes you fall in love with the character even more. The fellow sisters in this library group also have amazing character traits, all of them young and quiet but as we follow the story we see them grow into these strong and independent women with a purpose and that purpose is to live the lives they want, not what there parents or men want for them.

Moyes as usual has the power to capture your heart in this book and make you feel for these characters and for this story. Anyone who has read a book with fall in love with this one. Yes its a story about a bunch of librarians but its also a story about the power of reading, remember this is set in a time where many children and adults couldn't read or write, especially the ones who lived in poverty. Not like now where you can get access to a book from your phone. Therefore, when I read this book it made me appreciate books more, there power to take you from your everyday life and take you to a whole different world where anything is possible is so beautiful. I like to think of this book as a love letter to all librarians and the people who introduce us to books, for they are the people who open our eyes to a different world. The world of books and possibilities.

This story is full of heart and warmth and just when you think you know whats going to happen next, Moyes surprises you with a spectacular twist that you could never see coming. Moyes doesn't sugarcoat this book, or the time it is set in. Instead Moyes shows us the truth and the harsh world of living in a time where depression ripped through America where the rich became richer and the poor struggled to survive working in mines and living off a pittance of a wage.

If you love Moyes previous books then you should most definitely read this. If you've never heard of her firstly, where have you been? Secondly, buy and read this book anyway, that's if you like historical drama, romance books.

So my verdict is that this book is easily a 5* out of 5* and absolute masterpiece. Its powerful and such a beautiful read that made my heart ache. I never thought it possible to love a story and characters so much but my word I dare you not to fall in love with this book. I assure you its impossible. If you choose to read this book then a cuppa tea and a warm blanket is the perfect way to do it. This is arguable one of the best books I have read this year so far, its definitely in my top 5, if that doesn't make you want to buy this book then I don't know what will.

After all tomorrow is another day spent reading,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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