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The Break Up

The Break Up

By Tilly Tennant

Heart-warming, Funny and utterly Romantic.

Published by Bookouture in 2020

Book Review, No spoilers I swear!

This was my first Tilly Tennant book and I can tell you now it won't be my last. I came across this book over on Twitter which if you haven't heard, is the best place to find your next read. The Break Up is a perfect book for an escape, its shorter in length compared to other romcoms I have read which makes it ideal if your looking for a quick read. But before I tell you how wonderful this book is I shall start with the blurb. Give you an idea of what it is about.

The Blurb:

What happens when Mr Right goes rogue?

Lara doesn't have a back-up plan. So when her safe-bet boyfriend Lucien dumps her for her best friend, Lara's world implodes. Life after the break up stretches bleakly ahead, lonely evenings on the sofa with only a bottle of wine and her grey cat Fluffy for company...

Down the road, Theo loves his job as a jazz musician, giving other people great nights out before coming home in the early hours and unwinding with his loyal cat Satchmo.

What they don't know is that it's the same cat.

And when they find out, standing in the streets in their pyjamas, both on the hunt for their lost pet, sparks of the wrong sort fly.

Lara can't deny that Theo is one of the most gorgeous men she's ever met, but she can see exactly why he's still single. They do say opposites attract... but is she ready to move on? And when Lucien comes back into the picture, will she be tempted back into her life before the break up, or risk everything on the chance of something new?


What an absolute delight this book was. You can imagine the way in which this book will go with this being a "I don't like you but I like you" kind of story but its not about the destination in which this tale ends but the journey of the two main characters. The development of Lara's character is beautiful to follow with her being this strong businesswoman who is afraid to risk love to someone who is willing to live in the moment and take a chance.

Lara is as messy and complicated as any heroine in a rom-com. Since her break up with Lucien, Lara has begun to get her life back on track and has come back stronger but at the cost of building this wall around her, afraid to let any man in. Focused on her new business, Lara rarely has time to think about her love life which is a blessing for Lara who wants nothing more than to be on her own.

Theo on the other hand is the charming guy down the street, who I'm not going to lie is the type of guy we all need. I was in absolute awe and couldn't read fast enough to when there would be another scene with Theo.

I loved the plot and I found the relationship between Lara and her mum, Fay a delight to read. There relationship reminding me so much of my own relationship with my mum (who is also a single parent like Fay).The other characters within this book will leave you cringing one minute and laughing the next with the bridezillas being equally frustrating and hilarious. It made me laugh and left me smiling. I could easily read a sequel to these fabby characters!

So if you like romance, comedy a bit of drama then this is the perfect book for you. Fans of Carole Matthews and Jill Mansell should find comfort in this lovely read as well.

Rating: 4* out of 5

After all tomorrow is another day best spent reading.

Till next time,

Phoebe x

The Break Up is available in paperback (£7.99) and in EBook (£1.99) to buy via Amazon

***prices may change***

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