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The Bookworm Moves

It's been two days since my last post and in that time I have packed my bags and moved to Cumbria to start university. On Saturday we drove up, me, John and Amanda and stayed over in a caravan and then moved in on the Sunday. The drive up further north scared me a bit to be honest, not because I was feeling homesick but because my dad can get really emotional when driving. He can get easily stressed and distracted looking at incredible views. As we went in one car we had to fit in, as my dad called it, "All your shit". Because there wasn't much room in the car I had to take even less books now which I find really annoying but on the plus side it gives me an excuse to buy more from world of books or charity shops and not feel guilty about wasting my money on books rather than food.

On the Saturday drive up there we're a few inappropriate conversations that went on, I have been warned that I can't mention them as I will be given a bollocking and I can't be arsed with that so i'll just say woods and I'll leave you to decide and wonder what I mean. John has a no fart in the car rule as well. My dad is like a fart machine he finds it funny to drop farts in public places and watch people's reactions. He once farted in my brothers face when he had him in head lock and my brother threw up. He made it to the toilet that time though. Anyway, dad has a new car and he has made it perfectly clear that there is to be no farts in the car. A 2 and half hour drive that turned into 3 and more left us with a full bladder and trapped gas. I managed to control myself however, my Dad, the enforcer of rules, the man in the house, car in this case, farted. I was sat behind him and the windows were up because we were on the motorway. The foul smell hit me first, I felt personally attacked. All he did was laugh.

Anyway there was a lot more laughs that happened on the way there and although I would love to share them with you right now, I will save them for another time. So I moved in yesterday and as soon as we got there someone said "Ey Up" in a terrible Yorkshire accent, I almost felt sorry for the guy. We got a dig in box which contained goodies such as nandos vouchers, pot noodle, and other vouchers and what not. As my dad was rooting through he pulled out a leaflet that said FREE CONDOMS and FREE PREGNANCY TEST. John is the type of father who is very over protective and can go a bit over the top. "Woah what the fuck is this." He wailed flapping it in my face. We looked at what he was looking at and burst out laughing. He was not impressed, I thought in that moment he wouldn't leave me in this place, that he would choose to stay. He didn't stay, instead he left later on and cried. I don't know what to do around crying people so I just rubbed his head like he was a dog and told him to stop crying or I'd tell Katie, Step-sister, and that she would never let it go.

So I am finally here! I won't bore you with the details of the ins and outs just yet. I've met three of my flat mates. I heard talking outside my room and thought I needed to make an effort so I joined them, the other two were still in there rooms, I think they probably thought who's those weirdos talking outside, fuck that. I almost did that but decide against it. There's also someone else on my course who I share a flat with so I not feel totally alone, not that I did anyway, I also have someone who I did foundation with in the block next to me and I spent a good few hours with her drinking whiskey which I've never had before and I can't think why not. Its good stuff. I'm now just eating those so easy oats and I don't usually eat breakfast but it's actually killing me having to eat it. I gonna have to get some jam for toast instead. Anyway that's all I have to report for now.

After all tomorrow is just another day in the life of the Yorkshire Bookworm.

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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