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The Beginning of the End.

As you've probably gathered this is the start of my blog. This section of the blog is going to be about my life, how original I know. Like so many other bloggers out there who tell you about there life and how glamour it is or how tragic their love life is, I aim to be different and tell you about it all, all the ins and outs with a bit of exaggeration where needed of course. You've also guessed that I live in Yorkshire, if you haven't yet figured that out then catch up! Another point to make is that if you've checked out the contact section you'll know that my name is in fact Phoebe and not Yorkshire (Sorry if I've deceived you) the reason being that I haven't got a proper email so my art one will have to do now. Anyway, in a few weeks from now I will be moving away from my comfortable life in Yorkshire and be moving away, up further North for uni to study Fine Art, however, while battling the move, life and family drama, which I have a lot of! I will be taking comfort in the many books I have collected over the past few years and reporting back to you with my thoughts and my day to day life.


After all tomorrow is another day in the life of the Yorkshire Bookworm x

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