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Sunlight Over Crystal Sands

Sunlight Over Crystal Sands

By Holly Martin.

A wonderful summer read that will leave you with a smile on your face!

Published: 16/06/2021

Book review no spoilers I swear!!!

Welcome back bookish folk. Today I'm on the fabulous blog tour for Holly Martin's newest Jewel Island instalment. Sunlight over Crystal Sands, and I'm so excited for you to hear all about it! Before we begin I'd like to say thank you to Holly Martin for inviting me onto the tour, as well as sending an arc in return for an honest review. All views are my own and unbiased. So without further ado, shall we begin?

The Blurb:

Lyra Thomas has dreamed of living on Jewel Island ever since she first visited its breathtaking shores. And now her dream has come true – she has her own little cottage and a brand new job. But when Lyra sets out for a bike ride to explore her new home, a mishap has her crash-landing at the feet of the very handsome Nix Sanchez.

A true gentleman, Nix comes to Lyra’s rescue. His face is so familiar and yet they are strangers. But the more they talk, Lyra feels as though she has known Nix forever. What follows is the most magical night of Lyra’s life… until the spell is broken when the next morning she finds Nix has gone.

Feeling foolish Lyra vows to be more careful with her heart from now on. She’ll pretend Nix never existed. But destiny has other ideas and in a perfect twist of fate Lyra will discover that Nix Sanchez is impossible to forget…


Wow. I didn't think it would be possible for me to fall MORE in love with Jewel Island but then Sunlight Over Crystal Sands comes out and bam. I'm more in love with the world Holly Martin has created. I was excited to hear about a fourth instalment, especially when the previous three books have followed the Philips sisters, I was interested to see how a new set of characters would fit into the previous books.

The story follows Lyra Thomas, a rule following, no time for doing anything of the unexpected woman who has just moved to the shores of Jewel Island for a new job. Everything in her well planned life seems to be going just right. That is until she falls at the feet of Nix Sanchez. Nix is everything Lyra wants to avoid. A free-spirited, handsome stranger with no roots and a sense of adventure. A night of fireworks and there is no doubt the two of them have a special connection. However, Nix leave the next day and Lyra is gutted to say the least. Fate has other plans for them and what follows is truly special. A treasure hunt, sizzling chemistry and an unforgettable summer.

As the story develops we see Lyra grow into her true self as well as her background, introducing a whole bunch of new characters. Although this is part of a series, you can definitely read this as a stand alone (although I'd suggest you read them all!) there are appearances from bookish past, which is always great to see!

Like many of Holly Martin's books, this one is about family, love, loss and what it means to be yourself. This book will make you fall in love and leave you with a smile on your face, checking the last page over and over to see if there is more. So if you are in need of an escape, look no further, Sunlight Over Crystal Sands is the perfect solution.

Rating: 5* out of 5

After all, tomorrow is another day spent reading.

Till next time,

Phoebe x

Sunlight Over Crystal Sands is available to buy now from Amazon.

If you are able to support your local bookshop then please do!

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