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Sun's out....

Just like most places in England, Yorkshire usually sees all four seasons every week. It at least rains once a week, windy the next and sometimes if we're lucky we get a bit of sun. However, regardless of what weather we get, we always seem to complain. Us Brits are never satisfied.

Today is a perfect example, the sun is out and the last time I checked, it was 25 degrees outside. Bank holiday weekend has just begun and it's still the summer holidays, so you'd think that going out shopping today would be utterly stupid right? My brother is coming round for tea and so I was given the task of going to the shop to buy his favourite meal which is salmon wellington. When I go food shopping it's usually once a month and after 6 pm where there is hardly anyone around and you can take your time. Bank holiday weekend, hot weather and a Friday at 1 pm is not a good idea to go food shopping. The traffic was hectic, and the car park! Bloody hell it was like that scene from Jurassic World where all the people are running through the park away from the escaped dinosaurs. There was screaming children, cars beeping at other cars, pedestrians walking in front of reversing cars. What the fuck were you thinking? I thought to myself grabbing my bag, locking the car and walking into ALDI aka, shopping hell. I guess I should of known better, as soon as I walked in it was chaos, five tills were on! usually there is only one but there was five, the workers looking tired and irritated, mindlessly scanning items. I looked down the salad section, it was rammed packed with trolleys and people, I weaved through apologising for my rudeness, "Sorry" "Excuse me," "Thank you." Grabbing what I needed without looking at the best before dates and just hoping for the best. Customers were stood still near the fridges in an attempt to cool down, the odd old lady holding a battery fan in her hand trying to prevent her freshly styled hair from falling out. Workers were coming from all angles with stock to put on the shelves. Just get what you need and get the hell out of there. I speed walked past the craft section, not looking for the fear that I might get distracted and lose track of what I was really there for. I headed for the freezer section, scanned the freezers for the salmon wellington, grabbed it and walked to the tills. I see an empty one, throw my good out and prepare for packing, I pull out my bag for life, debt card in my pocket ready. Only when I reach the scanning stage I realise I forgot milk, oh no its too late now. I reach the scanner, he throws them at me with speed, I pack them in my bag, pay and get the hell out of there.

As I drive home I seen various people, women in summer dresses, men in shorts and kids in sunhats, teenagers in crop tops and shorts that are way too short, and middle aged men walking around shirtless some of the sights were enough to put me off men for life whereas others, well. What I'm saying is that when the sun is out people go crazy. Another thing that I've learnt is that if you value your life and your sanity, never go food shopping in Aldi on a Friday at mid-day when its hot and a bank holiday weekend, for it is complete and utter chaos. Another lesson is that when the brother is coming round, just order.

After all its just another day in the life as the Yorkshire Bookworm,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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