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Return to the Swamp.

We're back!

That's right we are back in our swamp I mean, cough cough, flat. The carpet has been cleaned and dried, the toilet fixed and I am officially back in my room. Words cannot describe how happy I am. 50% of my happiness is to do with the flat, the other 50 is from somewhere else which I cannot tell you right now but all you need to know is that at this moment I am so very happy.

We got the call yesterday at 1 and me and Beth weren't out of the studio till 4 but Kylie told us she was already on the case of packing up, her stuff as well as the kitchen stuff as well. Kylie? Being helpful? It is very unheard of in our flat but when we finally joined her she had a right sweat going off bless her.

She being Kylie didn't think to pack the boxes lightly, instead she put all the tins and pots in one box, it was that heavy that non of the flatmates could lift it. That was when I knew I had to step up. I prepared myself, 2 flights of stairs, 5 doors to go through, I can do this. Just have to be quick, don't stop, just go for it. So I picked it up, immediately regretting doing it.

"Kylie! Open those fucking doors." I shouted speed walking at Olympic level down the stairs, As I was walking down the stairs I could feel my phone slipping from the back pocket of my jeans. Now my phone has survived a fall from a roller-coaster, water damage from when I dropped it in a bucket at work and my angry rants over text message. This phone is indestructible but I still panicked. It wasn't until I realised that it was in fact my jeans falling down that was causing my phone to slip down my arse.

I finally got down to the bottom, ground floor, Kylie opened up the main door then the next one I was walking really fast at this point, so fast that Kylie was behind me, I was getting closer to the next door, the kitchen door and my arms were about to give way when 43 came out of her room. Yes you heard that right, the rare flatmate came out of her room, I screeched, "Open that fucking kitchen door before I drop this bastard." She looked at me stunned for moment until Kylie said, "quick!" She opened the door and I just made it on time.

There's a point to why I'm telling you this rather not so great story so here it is. I have a lot of work to do and I need to keep posting or my family will start to think I've disappeared and killed by some crazy madman. The other is that my back and shoulders have been killing me all day and I've been blaming it on bad sleep, but I had a great sleep, I then thought painting but now I know that it was this that has done it, not the posting but the box. Anyway its been one of those realisations that make you go, "oh yea" and make you feel utterly blonde.

On the brighter side, the Swamp is now habitable once more, we saw 43 and she actually spoke to us and sprayed air freshener in our rooms for us. And no we haven't seen her today and I don't expect we will for at least another month. My step-sister, Katie told me that she missed me today which was nice and I told her to keep practising her dirty look for when I get back. Katie is one of those 12-year-olds that doesn't know how to give someone a dirty look for she keeps laughing.

Anyway, I must go for I have painting to do. It's just another day in the life as the Yorkshire Bookworm.

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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