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Its the time of year where young people begin or return to uni. For me I will be beginning on Monday coming and moving into my room on Sunday. I've had four weeks off of work so I can see who I need to see and get everything prepared. Have I actually done this. Have I fuck. As usual I have left everything to the last week using everything and anything as an excuse of not to do the actual prep. I keep telling myself that I 'work' better under pressure. I always find ways to procrastinate. Going to McDonalds. Trips to Sainsbury's to see if there is any new books, most of them I already have which is depressing. Cinema, I always go to the cinema with my brother mainly to avoid doing the more important things or to escape the argument I've just had with my mum. Baking is another, I once did all sorts of bakes in order to avoid revising for that History exam I should of really revised more of. In the end I ended up doing all my revision that I should of done at the start of year 13, 3 hours before my A-level history exam and it got that bad I started guessing what the questions would be. I ended up guessing right to my luck but the reason why I didn't do better than a C was because I was watching the Lord of the Rings again, for the hundredth time. History was never gonna be my career path anyway, I was always destined for Art. Binge watching a TV series, lately its been Monk which is free on amazon prime and Carnival Row. Reading and painting, I currently have 3 paintings on the go because I've got bored with the others and started procrastinating from doing the main one. Anyway its fair to say that I am a master at avoiding doing the important things which isn't something to be proud about. I can imagine that on my wedding day, if I ever get married, I'd end up wearing my underwear because I avoided going to the dress shop. Ok so not underwear because I wouldn't want people to see my rolls but you get the idea. Anyway these past 4 weeks have finally caught up to me and I am now in a rush to get everything ready. Yesterday I packed all my clothes to take with me, not realising that I have no clothes to go outside the house in. So now I am wearing, don't worry its nothing rude, baggy jogging bottoms from someone I don't know and my brother's old jumper that he grew out of when he was 12. He's 17 now. Anyway, I don't think I'm alone in this. In fact I know I'm not alone. How do you avoid doing the important things? I'd love to hear.

After all it's just another day in the life as the Yorkshire Bookworm.

Till Next Time,

Phoebe x

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