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My Bad Reading Habits

With reading comes a routine of such. Habits that you tend to find yourself doing without even knowing your doing it.

Since I finished my first year of uni (woo hoo!!) I've begun to read a lot more and found that my routine for reading has changed as well as noticing that I have what some what many may deem as bad reading habits. We all have them!

1) Spine bending:

I'm the person that bends the spine of the book after about 50 pages. I try my best to not bend it but if its a long book I can't help it. I think it gives it more character anyway.

2) Reading in the bath:

I know a lot of people do this and don't see it as a bad thing but I know a lot of people see this as an issue. Especially when I'm reading a fancy paperback that's just a few centimetres away from drowning in water. And if its not the threat of dropping the book in the bath, its the threat of steam and how it bubbles the pages. But to be honest with you there is nothing better than sitting in the bath with a book and a glass of wine, or cuppa depending how you're feeling.

3) Review reading before the book:

What I mean by this is that when I think of reading a potential book I look at the reviews, particularly the 'bad' reviews you know the ones that have all the spoilers in? Yepp I'm an idiot. But I'd much rather have a clue of what I'm reading beforehand. I have bought 3 books that had terrible reviews and thought I'd give it a go, just because someone else thought it bad doesn't me I will. Except these 3 books were awful and now they sit on the shelf and I regret ever wasting my time on them. And no I will not tell you which 3 books they were.

4) Page numbers:

I look at how many pages a book is before I decide to read. I tend to loose patience and get bored of a book if it's more that 500 pages. However this is a habit I'm trying to get out of by reading Jilly Cooper's Riders which if you've read it will know it's full of content and is over 900 pages! I'm just taking my time with it though and so far I'm on page 418 and haven't lost interest.

5) Avoiding emotional books:

I will avoid reading a book if I know it will leave me in tears. I've had PS I love you, One Day and Me Before You on my shelf for ages because like most people I watched the film first and know for a fact that it will leave me in tears. I will read them one day I promise.

6) Reading ahead/ the last page:

I basically ruin a book for myself why? Because I'm a twat. Usually I just count how many pages there is in the next chapter before I go to sleep, see if I can fit them in before tiredness gets the better of me. Except when I do this I end up reading snippets and end up ruining it. When I do read the last page and ruin it for myself I tend to put the book to one side and forget about it before I decide to read it from start to finish.

These 'bad' habits may not be the worst habits you have come across but to me I know that these habits annoy many. The spine bending for instance causes my friend to scream at me. Literally. I lent her one of my books and she just looked at the spine and was very disappointed with the creases I had made. I don't however fold pages in a book which is something my mum does and causes me to scream at her. Preventing me from ever lending her a book again.

What are your 'bad' reading habits? Hope you enjoyed this.

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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