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Mistletoe at Moonstone Lake

Mistletoe at Moonstone Lake

By Holly Martin

Hold onto your mulled wine or hot chocolate for this winter romance bliss.

Published: 03/09/2021 Paperback

06/10/2021 ebook

Welcome back bookish folk! Today I am delighted to share with you my thoughts on the brilliant instalment to Holly Martin's Jewel Island series, Mistletoe at Moonstone Lake!! This is a warm, beautiful winter wonderland book that will capture your heart and wish for Christmas to hurry up. So before I delve more into this I'd first like to say thank you to Holly Martin for inviting me to read and review this book and to say that all thoughts are my own and unbiased. So without further ado, shall we start?

The Blurb:

Escape to Jewel Island where the snow sparkles in the moonlight, the fairy lights twinkle from the trees and true love is in the air. This gorgeous new love story by million selling author Holly Martin is the perfect treat to warm your heart this Christmas.

Artist Zoey Flynn hadn’t planned to spend her favourite holiday on the shores of Jewel Island, but when her fiancé breaks off their engagement before their Christmas Eve wedding, this Cornish paradise is just the distraction she needs.

With a cosy cottage to call home for a month and a stall at the island’s famous Christmas market to sell her paintings, Zoey quickly puts her heartbreak behind her. Love is the last thing on her mind. That is until the handsome Kit Lewis crosses her path…

Their connection is instant, but Zoey has a secret. And the deeper she and Kit fall for one another, the harder it is to hide. Kit knows Zoey is holding something back and if she won’t tell him the truth she could lose him forever.

Is keeping a promise from the past worth sacrificing a future with the man she loves? Or might Kit be the one person she can trust?

Love, laughter and long-hidden secrets are waiting for you on sparkling Jewel Island. For fans of Jill Mansell, Sarah Morgan and Sue Moorcroft, this is the perfect tale to curl up with this Christmas.


Where do I start with this?

How about, brilliant, beautiful and full of joy. It's honestly an instant Christmas favourite already for me.

If you didn't already know, I am an artist so whenever the main character in a book is an artist it instantly draws me in. Zoey is the type of artist I only dream of becoming. The type that can support herself through being a full time artist. Zoey is a very likeable main character, she's warm, genuine and very headstrong. She's trustworthy and if you ever told her a secret, you can be sure she'd keep it to herself entirely.

Kit is an utter dreamboat who captured my heart from his very first appearance. He's like a cute, sexy nerd that doesn't realise how much of an affect he can have on a woman just by saying the words, "Hi". The more I got to see of Kit the more I loved him, he's kind, funny and isn't afraid to be honest with Zoey when it comes to matters of the heart and past heartbreak.

The story, the setting and the utter joy of Jewel Island is one of the reasons why I just love this series so much! Its a place filled with hopes, dreams, love and loss. It's everything and more and it's a place that I think makes reading so wonderful.

Rating: 5* out of 5

After all tomorrow is another day spent reading.

Till next time,

Phoebe x

Mistletoe at Moonstone Lake is available to buy in a variety of forms on Amazon now.

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