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Last day in Yorkshire

Well the day has finally arrived. Today is my last full day in Yorkshire as for tomorrow I will be heading to Cumbria where I will be attending uni. Leaving home is something we all have to do in our lifetime and it can be scary and exciting. As Mike, my tutor from last year said, "Going to uni is the easiest way to move out of your parent's house." I think that's why most of use go uni, not because we want a degree but because we can't stand living with our parents for a second longer and getting a mortgage or finding somewhere cheap to rent is nearly impossible. So what do we do? We take out a loan that we don't have to start paying for till we start to earn 25 grand a year. Let's face it, I want to be an artist. I'll probably be living out of a van with my scruffy dog and shopping in the local charity shop, selling paintings of the sky or something and perhaps, on a good day, I'll be able to afford a maccies from the savers menu. I have a lot of faith in myself don't I? I could always find myself a sugar daddy or become a stripper. Thinking about it now I probably couldn't, its actually sent a shiver down my spine. Anyway the suitcases are packed, and I've almost got everything. You should see all the art stuff I have to take its actually a joke. I think if your an art student you are guaranteed to have more stuff to take, tomorrow is going to be like a game of bloody tetris in my dad's car. Packing my clothes was a right dilemma and I'm usually not one of those girls that worries about what I wear, I'm from Stainforth, people go to the supermarket in there pjs. But my God, I've had to sit on both cases to shut the buggers and I thought the zip was going to burst. Knowing my luck it'll burst open when I'm walking past an attractive guy and my underwear will fly out all over the place. He would probably just laugh and for the rest of the year I'll be known as the girl with big knickers. I don't have big knickers, I just like the extra room there's nothing wrong with that. Anyway today is my last day here and I don't know when I'll next be returning. So I'm having to say farewell to my home. I went to the pub with Clare for one last pint together. We sat at our table outside, Clare had just finished work and most of the people she works with were sat at a table further down. Clare works with a lot of guys from my year group, I at least know 6 of them. One of them being a friend's ex who Clare is best mates with. Anyway we were having a quiet drink when my cousin who also works with my mum, different department joined us. I haven't seen Harry for months, he's 4 years older than me and can be very serious but when we were younger he could be a right little shit with me. Anyway, as Harry joined us he's work mates at the other table laughed and drank. Harry got up at one point because a wasp was flying around him and so he grabbed a menu and began flapping around. He looked stupid and his mates stared at him while me and Clare sipped away. One of his friends came over, Jimbob, who I've known since I was little, Jimbob who once chased me around Harry's house with his top off cos he had man boobs and Harry thought it would be funny. It wasn't funny it was scary, especially when you were 9. Just to give you a visual, Jimbob looked like Chubs from Goonies back then. He joined us and said hello, and said, "The guys just said who's that bird Harry's with?" And Jimbob knowing that I'm his cousin said, "I told them I don't know and they reckon its your lass." Me, Harry and Clare all stared at him. He obviously thought it was funny as he was giving us a boyish grin. The next minute Clare stands up, "She's my daughter!" she shouted and they all responded, "Hi Clare's daughter." and waved. I naturally dug my head into my hands, embarrassed. Harry shortly left to give his work mates a talking to. Harry does have a girlfriend, who thankfully looks nothing like me. She is way taller than me and has blonde hair. I'm short and right now I have purple hair.

Back to farewells, its time to say bye to Jill and Norma, the guinea pigs, Scruff and Bruno, the dogs. My plants, I have five succulents and two cacti on my windowsill and I don't think I'll be able to take them so there having to stay. I was feeling rather good about leaving them because Clare is good with plants. That was until she said, "Archie we'll have to kill Phoebe's plants" and she did a real Cruella laugh. I don't know if she was joking or not but I fear that she was being serious so if anyone wants some plants please let me know.

After all tomorrow is another day as the Yorkshire Bookworm,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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