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Updated: Sep 1, 2020


By Suzy Blackledge

Sexy, Honest, Laugh out Loud fun and Steamy as f**k!

Published: 2020 in Kindle edition only.

Book review, no spoilers I swear!!!

Jessicaca is a debut novel from Suzy Blackledge who I would like to thank for sending me a review copy to read in exchange of an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

When I read the blurb for Jessicaca a couple of things stuck out to me, for starters its about a woman whose love interest is a much younger man, something I haven't seen a lot in books as its usually 'frowned' upon as god forsake a woman goes out with a younger man. Also I was told that it was set in Yorkshire which for me is like the equivalent of finding my name, 'Phoebe' on any personalised merch.

But before I delve into how much I loved this book and my thoughts perhaps I should tell you more of what its about.

The blurb:

Jess isn't having a great time lately. She has the most boring job in her company, her boss tries to place blame on her every chance he gets, and she's just had to sack one of her best friends. As for the men in her life, they all seem to be morons, cavemen or serial womanisers. Then she meets Steven. Mature, handsome and ever so enticing, Jess starts to think he might be the solution to a lot of her problems. The only issue is he's younger. MUCH younger.

"Jessicaca" is the debut novel from Susanna 'Suzy' Blackledge. A romantic comedy-drama all about love, friendship, office politics, work/life balance, drinking on a weekday, everyday sexism and furries; available exclusively on Amazon.

As funny as it is painfully familiar, the twists never end until the explosive climax, in what promises to be the book of 2020.

Don't expect a rom-com by numbers; this has been written to keep you guessing. When we say you won't guess the ending, we really mean it!



This is one hell of a book.

By that I mean it had me laughing one minute, sad the next, cringing and swooning.

Set in God's own country of Yorkshire, Leeds/ York we follow Jess, a thirty-one y/o who feels like she is being left behind. Everyone around her is younger, happier with great love lives. All she really wants is to experience love and sex. Is that too much to ask?

Enter Steven.

Steven is such a sweetheart who is beyond his years, his youth and age I forgot as I read. For the fact that the age gap between Steven and Jess became less of an issue as there relationship develops. Steven comes across as innocent yet its far from true if the sex scenes are anything to go by. Prepare yourself for some graphic scenes.

I really liked Jess's character she is flawed and painfully real. Her thoughts and feelings seem to be something every woman can relate to at least once in there lives. I mean have you seen Fleabag? If you haven't do give it ago, but if you have then Jess gives me Fleabag vibes so much. There is such honesty and quick wit in how Blackledge writes that I found myself completely engulfed in the world of Jess.

When I began this book I had no idea how much sex there would be, there is a lot of graphic steamy scenes that will make anyone blush. I mean I read sections of this book out loud to my housemate who is dyslexic and we were both gasping and laughing and cringing at these scenes. Not only were they realistic, but they were scenes that depicted healthy sex, sex of two consenting adults enjoying one another's bodies.

This is a fun read with plenty to keep you hooked. The romance and love aspect only being one element of this book. Jessicaca also deals with other things such as office sexism, abortion, sexuality and heartbreak, never shying away from what needs to be said. Blackledge says the things on our minds, and the things that we are sometimes afraid to say ourselves. Its honest, its direct and its a great read if you are a fan of Joanna Bolouri and Holly Martin.

I loved this book and found it a refreshing read with plenty of laughs and up and downs not to mention with the twists and turns that keeps this romcom from being predicable.

So if you have a kindle and fancy a fun, sexy, honest, easy read then why not give Jessicaca a go?

Rating: 4* out of 5

After all tomorrow is another day spent reading,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

Jessicaca is available to buy from Amazon now.

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