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Home Alone and 43

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Yes its that time of the week when I give those who read this blog what I've been up to. So what have I been up to? The answer is not much, I've suffered from migraines, finished a book, started a new one, made 3 dolls and done a bit of painting. See told you not much. As I sit at my desk wondering what to write, do I tell you a funny tale from my life, or do I tell you something serious and meaningful. For once I find myself lost for words....

Ha-ha! I know I'll tell you a bit of flat gossip shall I?

So Beth, Ellen and Kylie have all gone home for the weekend and left me on my own. Well there's Emily and 43 so basically I am on my own seen as how they never come out of there rooms. Beth and Kylie have left there keys in case something else goes wrong with the flat, what with us living in a cursed one, so I am now keeper of keys. Moving on, Kylie comes back tomorrow and I feel like I should take advantage of having her keys and her not being in the flat, so I am currently, while writing this, thinking of a way to prank her. It needs to be funny, not horrible, I've got a few ideas but I not to sure, don't want them to be childish. Perhaps I'll ask a friends advise on this matter.

43 on the other hand continues to fry waffles in oil on the hob without opening a window or putting the fan on. So the kitchen is a no go zone for at least an hour or two after she's been in there as I don't want my clothes smelling, and I can't afford to keep washing them. However, the other night, Thursday night me and Kylie went into the kitchen to do our tea and she was there, 43. I said, "Hello" and smiled at her. She just looked at me with no emotion and returned her attention to her phone. How rude, I've tried multiple times to talk to her and be nice but she just fecking ignores me, I give up. Anyway, she had something in the oven which surprised me and Kylie, I got out food, we were having chips, egg and beans. A classic I know. I put our chips in and after 10 minutes 43 takes her food out, she has cheese melted, burnt on top of chips. She places it on the hob and then walks away, at this point I notice that the oven is on grill not main oven so I switch it and we all stand in silence, me and Kylie chatting occasionally. 43 continues to stare at her phone, ignoring her food, which confuses me, why leave it on the side and not plate up y'know? Anyway as I begin to fry the egg she comes over and puts her food back in the oven, why? There clearly done.

Me and Kylie finally sit down and eat and 43 takes her food out and plates up, I then see that her chips are as pale as me which if you've seen me I look like a milk bottle. It seems she hasn't cooked her chips only grilled the cheese on top, I cringe on the inside, its hard to look. She then goes to wash her tray and washes it with cold water not hot, and no washing up liquid, I try not to stare and then she uses the sponge and scrapes the mess off, she puts her tray away and goes to her room. Me and Kylie just look at the sink shocked. She's only left the bowl full with cold water and cheese floating in it and her sponge on the side is full of cheese clotted in it.

I say, "I ain't cleaning that shit up." and Kylie says, "Me neither what the hell?" We leave the kitchen and go to our rooms. Two hours later I go in the kitchen for a drink and see that 43 hasn't cleaned the washing bowl or moved her sponge, I empty the bowl and there is chips and cheese floating all over so I drain the bowl and put the mess on top of her sponge as if to say, "It's disgusting that you haven't cleaned up, sort it out." And I leave and sleep, only to be woken up by 43 talking, practically shouting on the phone to god knows who. Its fecking 10pm shut the hell up woman!

The next morning, after taking Kylie to the train station I go to the flat and into the kitchen to find that 43 hasn't moved her bloody sponge, its beginning to really piss me off, its 11am and she hasn't even been bothered to move her crap. It wasn't until 2pm when she moved it. I know I sound like I'm over reacting but growing up with a mother who fluffs the cushions every time you move and can't stand pots being left on the draining board, you kinda develop a thing for cleanliness.

So what are you going to do Phoebe?

Well I feel like I should of given 43 note 1 now not note 2. I'm beginning to believe that if she continues to piss me off I'm gonna end up going all Yorkshire on her arse. She never cleans up after herself, she never cleans the kitchen for inspection, even Emily cleans up after herself and says hi when I say hi and that is saying something. If she shouts on the phone tonight I'm literally gonna tell her.

I probably won't because I hate confrontation but you know I'm thinking about it.

Anyway, that was my uneventful week. I now must go for I have a presentation to do.

After all its just another day in the life as the Yorkshire Bookworm,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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