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Hangovers of all sizes

Although a hangover induced by drinking too much the night before can be hell, a book hangover is worse. Ever picked up a book and after reading one page you can't stop? Well that's what I'm like when I pick a Jill Mansell novel up. Mansell is my all time favourite chick-lit author, so far she has written thirty books and one by one I an collecting them, charity shops, online, bookstores, I want to have them all on my shelf. Sounds stupid I know but there's something wonderful about looking at a complete collection. So far I have 24 of her books and read 12 of them, would of read more but I don't want to have an over dose on them. Anyway, the other night I picked up Rumour Has It which is a fantastic read, and once I started I couldn't stop. I had read it in a day and afterwards I was sat there like, what do I do now? The downside to reading this book so quickly was that I knew I would have a hangover and sure enough I woke up the following day with a terrible headache. It lasted 3 days and no amount of paras or water could solve it, even wearing the glasses that I no longer need to wear didn't help.

Monday arrived and I still had the headache, I woke up to find that the milk had gone off and Clare had gone to work. Instead of going to the shop I decided to go round to my Dad's house. I checked snapchat to find that Amanda, (step-mum) and my Dad had in fact been to a wedding the day before and from her story, she was hungover. I phoned my brother multiple times but he ignored me, after all he doesn't get up until 1. I waited a bit, up until 11:30 am when I phoned my Dad up, "What's up lass?" He asks, sounding fragile. "Wondered if I could come round for a cuppa." I replied. "Yeah, come round. Although at the moment I'm pulled over and Amanda is throwing up outside the park." He says. I ponder about this, I mean the woman is 38, if she can't handle a hangover by now there is something seriously wrong. "Okay, I'll be ten mins." I say and walk out of the house. I arrive at my dad's house, headache banging in my skull. I let myself in and the house is silent, Archie is still asleep and as I walk through I see her. Amanda. Wearing sunglasses, nursing a very large bottle of water, sat on the sofa, her face hanging between her legs. "Don't say a word." She stutters and pauses, "This is the worst hangover I've ever had, I'm never honestly drinking again." Yeah right we all say that. However, in this moment where I should be sympathetic and helping I instead say this, "Shouldn't of drank so much. Where's dad?" She looks at me with such hate, her face radiating Are you being fucking serious? Instead she says, "He's gone to bed and now I'm going to the bathroom to die." She gets up and leaves me, "Make yourself at home Phoebe." I look around the quiet house and decide to go home instead and wait for Clare to finish work to have my morning cuppa which will probably be afternoon cuppa now.

4 Hours after seeing Amanda, I received a message informing me of how sorry she was for earlier and that she had in fact been lying on the bathroom floor for an hour not knowing if she needed to shit or to be sick. She also informed me that if I wanted to go round now I could because she was alive and eating Doritos waiting for my dad to wake up. I did end up going round, but only to rescue my brother from them and to laugh at them as they lie on the sofa nursing themselves with coffee and tea. I also mentioned the fact that I've too been suffering from a book hangover for the past 3 days, only to get death stares and forced out of the house. Don't think we'll be going out for a drink anytime soon.

After all it was just another day in the life as the Yorkshire Bookworm,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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