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Frankston Rose

The Book Ninja.

By Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus

No Spoilers I swear!

"I've thought you were amazing since you kissed my nose in the bookstore."

Originally published in 2018 by Simon & Schuster, I have only just got round to reading this book which has been sitting on my shelf for months waiting to be read.

I've been avoiding this book, expecting it to be terrible and cheesy as well as a cliche romantic comedy. I bought this from the local Works and got it as part of a deal and judged it terribly. It wasn't until last week when I needed to get out of a reading rut and refresh my mind when I finally decided to give this book a try and my god am I glad I did! It is so much better than I thought it would be.

This is so much more than a book, this is a love letter to all the classics and modern literature writers. Berg and Kalus praise the best of writers from Jane Austen to John Green.

The novel takes place in Australia, where we meet Frankie, a failed writer who is tired of being single and wants a relationship of some kind. She gets the idea of dropping her favourite books, (classics) on the train while she travels to and from work leaving a note in the books with her details in search of a man. The theory is that Frankie will find a man who has the same taste of books as her. However, while Frankie is looking for her Mr Darcy she begins to fall for Sunny after sharing a spontaneous kiss. There's just one problem, Sunny has never heard of Jane Austen and he is more into YA literature. Can Frankie stop being a book snob and be with the man of her dreams or will she always be looking for the perfect man?

So what do I think of this book without giving to much away? A perfect read for anyone who has a love for books classics or modern. The writing is honest and true to heart, dealing with grief, loss, guilt and love, this book was like medicine to me. Not only are the characters flawed with there own problems (which you will find out if you read it.) and make plenty of mistakes, but there willingness to forgive themselves and the ones who hurt them is what I found so refreshing.

This is a book full of laughs and will most definitely put a smile on your face, it will also leave you wanting more. What I loved the most about this book was the ending. Most of the times the ending can be satisfying but also disappointing. But this was the complete opposite, the ending concluded the story beautifully and made my heart sing, it left me happy and content which is all you can ever ask for.

So not only do I suggest you read this book if you are a fan of the classics, but also if your a fan of Carole Matthews. I also suggest that you should judge this book by the cover or the blurb as there is so much more to it. A great read for anyone needing to laugh.

Have you read it yet? If not get to it!

After all tomorrow is another day spent reading!

Phoebe x

P.S. I wouldn't of considered doing a blog if I hadn't of read this book.

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