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Dear readers what a week...

What a strange and weird week it has been. Not only have I moved from the comforts of my little village in Yorkshire but I am now living with people I have never met before and navigating my way through a city I have never been to before. Except for the time I had my interview but that's a very different story. One that I will tell you soon. My week has included, cows, bookstores, hecklers and a naked woman. All will be explained in this post. Lets start with the cows shall we...

Although I have come across a few cows in my time, this actually involved a real life cow. I have seen a cow before so it wasn't that, but this wasn't just a cow, but three of them that was blocking the gate in which we had to pass in order to get through the park and into town. We decided to go round and I attempted to move them but I was told that this could be dangerous as the possibility of be falling flat on my arse in the mud in my purple vans scared me and that made me nervous so I stayed back and tried shuffling around them. As I was shuffling on this narrow path this cow shoved his face towards me, almost knocking me off I regained balance and it was like that scene in Harry Potter where Harry puts his hand out to Buckbeak and waits for his acceptance. I mean this cows head was huge! I've never been this close to a cow before and its face was right there. I put my hand out and he put his head to my hand and I gave him, or her, a stroke. It was really great and I now I want to live on a farm and have lots of animals like Molly in Carole Matthews, Happiness for Beginners. A great a fabulous read.

Moving on, that was one thing to happen in my week, I stroked a friendly cow, I called him Derek, he looked like one. He and his friends moved from the path once we crossed the path which is typical.

Bookstores! My loan hasn't gone through yet cause someone cocked up but I'm working through it, it also means that I need to be careful with my savings and that means no buying of books, food must come first. So naturally I went to three bookshops, one an independent one and bought two books, a second hand book store called the Bookend in Carlisle and Waterstones obviously, where I got a signed copy of Postscript by Cecelia Ahern as well as a student card which gives me 5% off with each purchase. How could I refuse?

So I now have 5 new books which I will be sharing with you in the week. Don't judge.

Hecklers are the next thing that happened, only this happened yesterday. On our travels back from town centre a car slowed down in the street where the three of us were walking and pulled his window down. It was a black Volks, dusty car that has seen better days. He said "Do you like my sports car?" he shouted. Two of us being from Yorkshire when "No" Shaking our heads at the same time. He sped up the road, revving his engine only it kept shaking along. That was my first experience with a heckler in Carlisle, the second was when we were crossing the bridge that goes over the park. A large taxi like the 8 person ones drove past us and as it did a topless man in the front shouted "Show us your tits!" Like the Yorkshire lasses we are we naturally said, "No fuck off you dick!" Obviously with the taxi passing so fast I don't think he heard a response. The only other time I got heckled was when I was at high school and because I went to a christian school, although I'm not a christian, I got hailed with, "Bible Basher" a lot, and I would always say, "Fuck off you chav."

Lastly but not least the naked woman. I bet your all dying to know what this is about. Moving into the flat and being on the bottom floor I have stated that we should lock the flat door. I do anyway but most either forget or can't be arsed. I'm not about to start an uproar. Anyway El, who always leaves her bedroom door open was minding her own business when a middle aged woman walked into the flat. All she was wearing was a towel, other than that she was completely naked. I wasn't there as I was listening to my music pretty loudly and was trying to finish Solo by Jill Mansell which is an emotional roller-coaster to say the least. Back to the lady, apparently she got locked out of her flat which is impossible when the shower is in the flat. How she got locked out of the flat physically is a wonder to us all. And why she didn't just call her flat to be let back in is also a wonder. Anyway she walked into our flat, came to El's room and asked her for help. El told her to go to the office I think. I can't recall. Only that the front door to the flat is always locked.

A lot more has happened in the week but I'm waiting on more details before I share with you. Have you had any weird and strange things happen to you?

After all this was just another day in the life as the Yorkshire Bookworm.

Till Next Time,

Phoebe x

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