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I am many things. A Lord of the Rings nerd, film fanatic, a sucker for a period dramas and old TV shows. A skint artist and bookworm. However amongst these few named things I am also a huge bookaholic.

A bookaholic is someone who knows for a fact that they have a pile of to read books back at home awaiting to be discovered but buys more to add to the pile. A bookaholic is someone who knows for a fact that they don't have room on there bookshelf for anymore books but its okay because the floor is empty.

Sound familiar?

Since moving away I only took 17 books with me, out of the collection of many I have at home that have been unread. That means that I have a empty shelf in my room at uni. I can't have a shelf only partly full now can I?

Since being here I have bought another Eight books. I literally cannot walk past a charity shop or a bookstore without going in and seeing if they have any of my favourite authors. Eight is quite good for me considering that I now have a library card so I can read all the free books I want. Also the fact that I haven't any cash on me physically and its all on card, has prevented me from buying as I don't like paying for something that costs £2 on card. What's the point?

However, the release of Cecelia Ahern's sequel to PS I Love You, Postscript which is a signed edition, and other exciting titles how could I refuse. Over twitter I found that Jojo Moyes, The Giver of Stars is on sale in Waterstones. Internet search and found that it was half price and that I could get a signed edition. Hello am I an idiot? Don't answer that.

I did the sane thing and bought to collect from my nearest store, (30 min walk) and I then received a email 2 hours later saying it was ready to collect. I grabbed my bag and asked the flatmates if there was anything they needed. El said chocolate bar and Kylie said surprise me. I walked down, a spring in my step, I had £20 from Kylie as she owned me in my purse. As I walked through the park the path was muddied with cow shit and even that didn't put me off as I walked through wearing my new vans. I passed a farmer who was trying to get his cow to move but it was just laid there refusing as if to say, "Nah pal i'll stay here." The farmer eventually gave up, I reached the city and wiped my shoes from the mud and headed for Waterstones. I collected my book and headed to Wilko's to get the chocolate. I felt bad using a £20 note for a 60p bar of chocolate so I also bought a comb and nail polish, I then thought I'd check out The Work's as according to Laura (@GrumpyGirlie) from Twitter put a picture of a Christmas stack they had in and I wanted to see if there was anything I would like. As soon as I walked in I read blurbs and argued with myself, £2 for one or £5 for three... It wouldn't hurt.... But you need change.... I ended up buying three more books. I then went down the lanes to see if I could get Kylie anything funny. I ended up in bodycare and bought a hair dying brush, hairspray, and got Kylie a nail file as she keeps using mine. I got back to the flat and I refuse to look at my bank account.

It could be worse right? I could be spending my money on pointless shit like a lot of other students such as weekends out round town spending £50 a night. I on the other hand can't stop buying books and I swore to myself that I wouldn't do it.

Eating and art supplies are more important. Well...

I posted my buys on twitter informing whoever that I only went to collect The Giver of Stars but came back with all sorts and that I have a problem. However, Trisha Ashley, one of the author's whose book I bought today said I didn't, and so did Portia Maclntosh, another author also approved. Firstly, how exciting that they commented and secondly, how could I now not buy books? Anyway if I do end up skint for the rest of my life at least I can say that the authors approved.

After all today was just another day in the life of the Yorkshire Bookworm,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

P.S. I have no regrets for buying those books.

P.S.S. Thanks Vicar John for sending me £20 for a Chinese. Your a star!

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