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Barely Alive.

If you actually read this blog and await my next post then your probably thinking "What the hell Phoebe? Where have you been?" The answer to that question is bed. I've had one hell of a week and it has left me holding on to dear life. Okay so I'm not dying but I've bloody felt like it.

Monday as you know I was given a drawing challenge where I had to produce 100 drawings of the same object that I needed to have hung up on my studio wall for Wednesday morning. I was up till shitting 11:15 pm on Tuesday night doing the bloody things. I actually wanted to die. Okay so I wasn't suicidal, but it made me question, what am I actually doing this for? I managed to get them hung up for the crit, where people in your class come together to criticise your work and while you talk about your success and failures. I hate talking in front of people and ever since I moved from Yorkshire I feel like I sound like a man when I'm talking compared to the other accents. Anyway, not the point, the point is that I had to talk to 20 plus people about my work while they asked me questions, I had shaky leg and stuttered and got a tad tongue-tied but after about 2 long minutes I calmed down and sailed through it. It was a success.

After doing those bloody drawings you'd think that we would have a breather. But no, Jane, our tutor gave us another task that was due in Thursday afternoon, it was Wednesday. Her words and no word of a lie was, "I want you all to get lost." What she meant was to get lost in the city and draw our own map, our own interpretation of what we think Carlisle looks like. I won't bore you with the details but I did get lost and walked through the park, only for the park path to be full of mud from the heavy rain and the herd of cows. I almost slipped several times but I made it into the city and just began drawing things that I passed, I drew a lot of traffic lights. Don't ask why, I don't know either. I felt weird about stopping in the middle of the streets to draw, people walking past me. I then began to draw lonely people that interested me. From a distant obviously, although one of the people I was drawing caught my eye and so I quickly walked away delving further into the city.

Thursday came and I realised that although I didn't draw a map, mainly because I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, other people in my class also did different things while getting lost. This made me feel much better. However Jane picked on my twice to talk to the class about my ideas which was unnerving, especially when my throat was really sore.

I created my map so yay! Afterwards I went straight to bed as I felt like shit. Early hours of Friday morning I woke up because not only was my nose blocked but I sounded like Darth Bloody Vader. It was around 3 in the morning so I turned my laptop on and watched Miranda only for an hour or so later when I attached my charger it over heated and Miranda was saying, "Noooooooooooooooo" very slowly. I turned it off only for it to be emitting the sound of Miranda's voice in really slow motion. It would be funny in the light of day but this was in the pitch black, making me feel like I was in a bloody horror movie.

Friday I got up, dressed for uni and took one look at myself in the mirror and was like, "Well you look like shit." I immediately got back into fresh pjs, even put a bra on, and went back to bed. I don't often call in sick but the fact that my throat felt like razors scratching it and my nose producing what felt like pints of snot, I thought I'd keep away. At about 10ish I was finally falling asleep only for the fire alarm to go off. I rang for a few seconds then stopped. I jumped out of bed and pulled some pants on, looked outside to see that no one had left the halls. So I went back to bed. I knew I was unwell when it took me over an hour to eat a pot noodle and I couldn't even face having a cuppa. Yeah I was that bad. 5 o'clock came and I was in bed falling asleep, vest and knickers on, under my warm blanket, heating on, I was starting to relax when the fucking fire alarm went off. Only this time it didn't stop. I jump out of bed, pulled on my joggers and cardy, boots on, walked out my room to see my other flatmates. "And this can fuck off!" I shouted, Kylie just laughed and we all walked out of the building. Kylie had her sliders on and it was raining outside. I looked like a tramp and she had wet feet, walking through a puddle. As we waited in the cold I saw naked towel lady walk out of the building. I nudged Kylie, "Look its towel lady." She turned around and we both laughed, "I hope you locked the flat." She said to me. I didn't obviously, because it was a fire drill. Anyway, that was my week so far. Oh I eventually got my sleep only to be awakened by laughter outside my room, Beth was doing the Miranda gallop down the hallway, leaving us in fits of laughter at the weirdness. It was funny because Beth can be this quiet character who doesn't do weird things, only she does when we least expect it.

So much more has happened this week which I'll be sure to tell you about in the next few days. But for now, I must leave to catch up on work and of course die in peace from Freshers Flu although we didn't have a freshers.

After all it was just another week in the life as the Yorkshire Bookworm,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

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