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By Jennifer L. Cahill

Navigate love, loss and friendship in early noughties London.

Published: Clink Street Publishing 21/06/2018

Book Review, no spoilers I swear!!!

One? is the start of a trilogy of books by Jennifer L. Cahill who starts the series with One? Which is her debut book, and a debut it is. It’s full of fresh energy and plenty of fun to keep you keen throughout, but before I go on about my thoughts of this book perhaps I should first say thank you to Jennifer L. Cahill for contacting me and sending me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own and unbiased. Now. How about I tell you what it is about?

The Blurb:

It's London in the mid-noughties before Facebook, iPhones and ubiquitous wifi.

Zara has just moved to London for her first real job and struggles to find her feet in a big city with no instruction manual.

Penelope works night and day in an investment bank with little or no time for love. At twenty-eight she is positively ancient as far as her mother is concerned and the pressure is on for her to settle down as the big 3-0 is looming. Charlie spends night and day with his band who are constantly teetering on the verge of greatness.

Richard has relocated to London from his castle in Scotland in search of the one, and Alyx is barely in one place long enough to hold down a relationship let alone think about the future. One? follows the highs and lows of a group of twenty-somethings living in leafy SW4.


One? Is one hell of a cracking start of this trilogy which will leave you wanting more, it’s left me wanting to read the next one now!

Just like how the blurb says, One? Follows the lives of five singletons in London in the mid-noughties. Which if you were wondering, I was five years old so I love being able to read about adulthood in a time before online dating became a thing.

Cahill’s writing transports you from wherever you may be into a world of glamour, good humour, love and friendship. The way in which the story flowed through one character to the next and how these five individuals interacted with one another was done so well I was in awe. The writing style itself reminded me of Shari Low’s books and so if you are a fan of Shari Low then I suggest you check One? Out, it might just be your next favourite read waiting to happen.

Overall, I liked the story and found it enticing and engaging, the characters were relatable and written with such detail that it felt like the characters were sat in the room where I was reading. They were also written in colour rather than in black and white with some of the characters, such as Penelope and Alyx being flawed in some sense of the word. Cahill makes no attempt at making her characters perfect which is something I absolutely love to read, it makes it more interesting and with two more books to follow, there has to be some mistakes to be made to spice up the story!

I’d love to tell you more, but I’d risk spoiling it for you, I enjoyed this book very much and cannot wait to see what else is to come from this author. I can’t really fault this book other than I wished there’d be more on other characters such as Charlie and Zara but with that in mind, this is just the first of the series so maybe there’ll be more from the other characters. But like I said, this is a strong, enjoyable, contemporary romance that will leave you wanting more with THAT ending.

Rating: 3.5* out of 5

After all, tomorrow is another day spent reading,

Till next time,

Phoebe x

One? Is available to buy in both kindle and paperback and you can grab your copy from amazon. Although, if you are able to, support your indie bookshops.

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